Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm A MESS!!!

So I think I mentioned that I haven't been feeling all that great lately.....actually for almost the past 3 weeks. I was experiencing nausea, dry heaves, fatigue.....nope NOT pregnant. All the symptoms, but NOT!!! When I realized that I wasn't pregnant, but was still having symptoms I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. Went it, explained the symptoms & the good doctor had me take a pregnancy test (just to be safe) & also sent me for a full bloodwork up. Well after getting the results of my tests, NOT PREGNANT & finding out that my liver enzymes were elevated......he then sent me back for some additional blood work. When I went in for the results, he explained to me that he thought that I might have had Hepatitis A. I explained to him that I had HA years ago when I worked at a preschool. We then went through the 'could be's' & decided it was in my best interest to send me for an abdominal ultra sound. Meanwhile, I get this major sinus infection & this thing pops up on my lower back. So I go back to see the doctor yesterday & he tells me I have gallstones.....hence the reason I've been so sick. So after writing me a prescription for my sinuses, an antibiotic for everything else & setting an appointment to talk with the surgeon for Friday, I think I might actually be on the road to recovery....or at least I hope so!!! I'll know more about the surgery come Friday afternoon, will be sure to keep y'all posted. Until then.....send me HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!


SoMo said...

Good Luck. A friend recently had gall bladder surgery and while she said it was more painful than her c-section, she says all her stomach problems are gone. Take care of yourself.