Monday, May 5, 2008

What I've been doing.....

This is the perfect image of me lately!!! Needless to say I have been feeling just a little overwhelmed lately with everything I have got going on!!! Hence the reason the 'ol blog' has suffered.

Let's see....I've been putting together 'booths' for each of the girls classes for "Spring Fling" at the school. That was May 3rd.....I'm glad that it is over. I never realized that it would be so HARD to get parents to volunteer (& it was only 30-60 minute time frame)!!! The excuses people come up with! Needless to say I was there from 10-2 & working the booths. Big Daddy was taking the girls around, that is until he had "grill duty" which he ended up there for over 2 hours & was only suppose to be there for 1.

Now I am in the middle of putting together "Mother's Day" projects for both of the girls classes. Again I am on my own!!! In Kaitlynd's class we're making 'Flower-pot' recipe holders, which the parents were sent home a letter requesting that they send in a 3 inch terra cotta pot & a floral pick over two weeks ago, a reminder last week & in which I have onlt received 5. So it falls on me to provide the rest for the class. With the results I was experiencing with Kaitlynd's class, I decided to go a different route with Kailee's class. We're doing 'handprints' with a poem that I printed up on pretty paper, which I then glued to cardstock & then her teacher will laminate. I just don't understand how some parents won't get involved.....but I am learning!!!

Anyway, with the last day of school approaching (May 23rd) I should be able to keep up a little better on the 'ol blog' here. I know I've been neglecting y'all, but above is just a little of what I've been dealing with......ohhhhh.....there is so much more, but at least ya' can get the jist of it all.