Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conversations of school.....

Yesterday like any other day, I asked the girls how their day at school was on the drive home, the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: How was your day at school today girls?

Kaitlynd: Good...really good!

Kailee: Mine wasn't so good Mommy....I had a few problems.

Me: (thinking the worst....she didn't like her teacher afterall, kids were picking on her, etc.) Why? What happened?

Kailee: Remember that little boy I told you about yesterday? The one that I said was nice & that helped me clean up my juice I spilled at lunch?

Me: Yeah, I remember....Connor, right?

Kailee: Well, he was kinda gettin' on my nerves today! He kept talkin' to me & was playin' with my hair.

Kaitlynd: That's cuz' he LOOOOVES you! *giggling*

Kailee: NO HE DOESN'T!!! But Momma, he was gettin' on my nerves. And when I asked him NICELY to stop playin' with my hair......he cried!

Me: (tryin' not to laugh) Are you sure you were nice to him?

Kailee: Yes

Me: How did you ask him?

Kailee: Nicely

Me: No honey, I mean what did you say to him?

Kailee: I said, "Will you please quit playing with my hair?" And then he started to cry!!! And he ALWAYS wants to sit by me at lunch!

Me: Well....maybe because he's new to the school & yesterday you were the only one that really talked to him, he feels like your friends?

Kaitlynd: It's because HE LIKES YOU!!!

Kailee: Stop it sister!!!

Me: Right now he probably feels like your the only friend he really has.....just give hime time to make other friends

Kailee: *sighs* Why do I even bother????

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where to Start?

As I mentioned before, things at the Brauers Bungalow have just been a little hectic lately. With trying to get all the things needed for the girls school year....trying to get back into the swing of a schedule & just the normal madness of daily head has been spinning.

We recently said 'Good-bye to our beloved Bama. Things were just getting to be too much between he & Boscoe. Both of them being males, were constantly fighting over being "Alpha-Dog." It was getting to the point that they were starting to fight around the girls & I just couldn't risk one of them getting hurt, in the midst of their fighting. It was bad enough 'Big Daddy' had gotten hurt trying to break them apart. So as hard as it was, I took the bull by the horns & placed an ad on We were lucky enough to find him a GREAT home. He is now residing in Pensacola, Fl., which is only about an hour away from here. The family we found, agreed to keep in touch with us via e-mail & pictures to let us know how he's doing. They also informed us that whenever we're out that way, we can always stop by for a visit....which made the girls happy! Bama is now 'KING' of his house & is spoiled rotten!!! So spoiled in fact that he got to go to Disney World on vacation with his new family!!! (Damn dog got to go to DW before I did!!!) So as hard as it was giving him up, we all new it was for the best! As we said a tearful G'bye to Bama.....we said "Hello to Bella." I honestly think that my darling Kaitlynd is going to grow up to do something with animals. Miss Bella was abandoned in our neighborhood & Kaitlynd happened to 'rescue' her. We did try & find her home from posting signs, to going door to door, but no one seemed to know where this little dog came from or who she belonged let me itroduce you to the newest member of the Brauers Family.....'Bella Blue.'

Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls....I can't believe that they're actually in first grade!!! Seems just like yesterday that they were 'itty bitties.' Now they're in the FIRST GRADE......aaggggghhhhh!!! At least this year they're both on the same hall & their classes are right next to one another....makes it much easier on the momma! Not to mention that the girls teachers happen to be bestfriends & they 'team teach' once in awhile, so the girls will get to see each other during class time on a somewhat regular basis. The girls seem extremely happy with their teachers & are eager to get up in the morning & get ready for school. I know...I's only the 2nd day, I'm sure things will change once the 'newness' wears off.

I'd really like to know where I got the idea that once the girls started school, that I'd have more time to myself?!?!?! Last year was bad enough being 'room mom' for Kaitlynd's class, having lunch once a week with each girl & then reading to the class....but NOOOOO.....I just had to get even MORE involved this year! You're currently in the prescence of the newest member of the PTO BOARD.....'Room Mom Coordinator.' Which means I am now going to be an even more active part of the girls well as being 'room mom' for Kailee's Class, co-mom for Kaitlynd's, lunches & reading! But at least I'll have approximately the 1st month before all the "REAL" festivities start.....fall festival, Santa Shop, Book fair, Christmas Party.....etc.

Well that pretty much fills you in on all that's been goin' on here at the Brauers Bungalow. I'll do my best to keep you posted on all the festivites & happenings here. Until next time, let's take a trip back in time.....