Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conversations of school.....

Yesterday like any other day, I asked the girls how their day at school was on the drive home, the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: How was your day at school today girls?

Kaitlynd: Good...really good!

Kailee: Mine wasn't so good Mommy....I had a few problems.

Me: (thinking the worst....she didn't like her teacher afterall, kids were picking on her, etc.) Why? What happened?

Kailee: Remember that little boy I told you about yesterday? The one that I said was nice & that helped me clean up my juice I spilled at lunch?

Me: Yeah, I remember....Connor, right?

Kailee: Well, he was kinda gettin' on my nerves today! He kept talkin' to me & was playin' with my hair.

Kaitlynd: That's cuz' he LOOOOVES you! *giggling*

Kailee: NO HE DOESN'T!!! But Momma, he was gettin' on my nerves. And when I asked him NICELY to stop playin' with my hair......he cried!

Me: (tryin' not to laugh) Are you sure you were nice to him?

Kailee: Yes

Me: How did you ask him?

Kailee: Nicely

Me: No honey, I mean what did you say to him?

Kailee: I said, "Will you please quit playing with my hair?" And then he started to cry!!! And he ALWAYS wants to sit by me at lunch!

Me: Well....maybe because he's new to the school & yesterday you were the only one that really talked to him, he feels like your friends?

Kaitlynd: It's because HE LIKES YOU!!!

Kailee: Stop it sister!!!

Me: Right now he probably feels like your the only friend he really has.....just give hime time to make other friends

Kailee: *sighs* Why do I even bother????


Heather Wigen said...

Too cute. I'm glad they are enjoying first grade. Liberty's making new friends, but she misses Kaitlynd a lot.