Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some GREAT finds...

Okay people the last few days I have been introduced to some GREAT BLOGS!!! So I'm just gonna take some time out here & let you know who they are. The first comes to me from my BF Dee. It is none other than a Mr. Kevin Charnas...who is not only a great & informative read, but a funny one as well. Here is a sampling of just one of his entries.....Whales Are Hot..... & this one is one of my favorites, I laughed so hard I cried!!! Farts are FUNNY....ALWAYS. Here are a few others I want to give shout outs too as far as GREAT READS!!!

Redneck Mommy
I Am Bossy
Chicky Chicky Baby

Please be sure to check them out! As I come across more "great reads" I will be sure to share!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More On The "C" Word

This is an informative video that was sent to me in regards to "IBC" (Inflammatory Breast Cancer). Please feel free to share it with those around you!

Laugh a Little....

Okay people.....seeing as how I was on a more "serious mission" yesterday, I thought today we'd all just take some time out to "laugh a little." This bit of humor comes from my "California Chickies," whom I miss very much, but continually keep the smiles coming!!!

Butt Measurement.....

A man and his wife were working in their garden 1 day. And the man looks over at his wife and says: "Your butt is getting really big, I mean really big. I bet your butt is bigger than the barbecue."
With that, he proceeded to get a measuring tape and measured the grill and then went over to where his wife was working and measured his wife's bottom. "Yes, I was right, your butt is 2" wider than the barbecue!!!"
The woman chose to ignore her husband.
Later that night in bed, the husband is feeling a little frisky. He makes some advances towards his wife who completely brushes him off.
"What's wrong?" he asks.
She answers: " Do you really think I'm going to fire up this big-ass grill for one little weenie ?"

I don't care who you are.....that was FUNNY!!! And speaking of husbands and grilling....

And last but not least....something just to make you think.....

Why is it that most nudists are people you don't want to see naked?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The "C" Word....

You're never to old to learn!!! As I was doing my morning "blog reads" I came across one post that hit me kinda hard. It was posted on the blog of The Moosh, but written by Whymommy at Toddler Planet. I wanted to share this post, because it is very informative & I think we can all stand to learn something new every day.

We hear a lot about breast cancer these days. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, and there are millions living with it in the U.S. today alone. But did you know that there is more than one type of breast cancer?

I didn’t. I thought that breast cancer was all the same. I figured that if I did my
monthly breast self-exams, and found no lump, I’d be fine.

Oops. It turns out that you don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer. Six weeks ago, I went to my OB/GYN because my breast felt funny. It was red, hot, inflamed, and the skin looked…funny. But there was no lump, so I wasn’t worried. I should have been. After a round of antibiotics didn’t clear up the inflammation, my doctor sent me to a breast specialist and did a skin punch biopsy. That test showed that I have inflammatory breast cancer, a very aggressive cancer that can be deadly.

Inflammatory breast cancer is often misdiagnosed as mastitis because many doctors have never seen it before and consider it rare. “Rare” or not, there are over 100,000 women in the U.S. with this cancer right now; only half will survive five years. Please call your OB/GYN if you experience several of the following symptoms in your breast, or any unusual changes: redness, rapid increase in size of one breast, persistent itching of breast or nipple, thickening of breast tissue, stabbing pain, soreness, swelling under the arm, dimpling or ridging (for example, when you take your bra off, the bra marks stay – for a while), flattening or retracting of the nipple, or a texture that looks or feels like an orange (called peau d’orange). Ask if your GYN is familiar with inflammatory breast cancer, and tell her that you’re concerned and want to come in to rule it out.

There is more than one kind of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is the
most aggressive form of breast cancer out there, and early detection is critical. It’s not usually detected by mammogram. It does not usually present with a lump. It may be overlooked with all of the changes that our breasts undergo during the years when we’re pregnant and/or nursing our little ones. It’s important not to miss this one.

Inflammatory breast cancer is detected by women and their doctors who notice a change in one of their breasts. If you notice a change, call your doctor today. Tell her about it. Tell her that you have a friend with this disease, and it’s trying to kill her. Now you know what I wish I had known before six weeks ago.

You don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer.

P.S. Feel free to steal this post too. I’d be happy for anyone in the blogosphere to take it and put it on their site, no questions asked. Dress it up, dress it down, let it run around the place barefoot. I don’t care. But I want the word to get out. I don’t want another young mom — or old man — or anyone in between — to have to stare at this thing on their chest and wonder, is it mastitis? Is it a rash? Am I overreacting? This cancer moves FAST, and early detection and treatment is critical for survival.

Thank you.

Let's do what we can to get the word out!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Conversations of 5 yr olds....

Kaitlynd: Sister how many friends do you have in class? I have four.
Kailee: I have lots of friends.
Kaitlynd: What's their names?
Kailee: There's Sonora....Jackson, Frankie, Jackie.....Jackie was my first friend, 'member Mommy?
Me: Uhh met her the first day of school.
Kailee: Yeah, that's her.
Kaitlynd: You want to meet my friends, Sister?
Kailee: O'kay, only if you tell them my name, though.
Kaitlynd: I've already told my friends your name. My friend Samantha even gave me a cracker to give to you, but I ate it. (she says giggling)
Kailee: You ate it??? That wasn't very nice Sister.
Kaitlynd: I'm sorry sister.....but I couldn't put it in my lunchbag, because it was wet from my water bottle. (still giggling)
Kailee: What kind of cracker was it?
Kaitlynd: was good!
Kailee: time don't eat my it for me.
Kaitlynd: Okay Sister.....I won't eat it next time.
Kailee: G'night you.
Kaitlynd: Love you too Sister, G'night.

This was our bedtime conversation lastnight. It's moments like these that make my heart smile!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blogger Block...???

Ever have blogger block? Where you're not sure just what to write or if what you have to say is even remotely interesting? Well, I seem to be experiencing that today. So again, I share with you someone who inspires me....makes me smile if not laugh...& usually "tells it like it is." I am talking about one of my all time favorite women MAXINE!!!
Below are just a few of my favorites.....
And last but not least.....advice we can all learn from....

I have so many more that I can share with y'all....but I think I'll just pop 'em in here & there throughout future posts.