Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Head is Spinning.....

And I can't seem to catch up with it!!! I can't believe that I haven't posted since the girls B-day! SORRY!!! Life here has been one adventure after another.....the girls b-day....then their Christmas program.....this week their classrooms Christmas parties, Big Daddy's Christmas Party & a Christmas craft that I am doing with each of the girls classes.....what was I thinking!?!?! And I'm still not even done with my shopping/making of gifts!!! So forgive me that I have not been around lately.....but as you can tell.....I really have BEEN AROUND!!! So for your patience & enjoyment.....some pictures.

The girls had a suprise visit from the "Big Guy" himself.....Santa!
We of course we're prepared with our own personal Elf....Maxx.
The "Little Princesses" with Santa..... All in all it was a "funfilled" day!