Friday, January 18, 2008

Heart Hugs

The adventures in babysitting have come to an end!!! WOOHOO!!! Having to take care of someone else's children can give you a whole new APPRECIATION for your own!!! As much as I get frustrated at my two & want to wring their sweet little necks at times....I learned these past two weeks just how much I REALLY do LOVE THEM & learned to APPRECIATE them for the "Little People" that they are!!! Not too mention how they can "hug your heart" just when you need it most!!! Lastnight I was laying in bed feeling crappy with the cold from hell....when I feel this little hand touching my forehead & cheeks, slowly I open my eyes to see Kailee standing there looking at me...she whispers,
"Mommy...mommy, are you not feeling good?" I smile & tell her,
" that I am feeling a little icky, but mostly I'm just tired."
She precedes to feel my face again....checking for fever...
Kailee: You're not hot Mommy, but you might have low fever like me.
Me: I just might
Kailee: Want me to read you a story, Mommy?" It might make you feel better.
Me: If you want to
She runs off out of the room for a few minutes, only to return with a book & her stuffed Monkey. Crawling up into bed next to me, she hands me her Monkey....
Kailee: You can sleep with my Monkey tonight, Mommy....he'll make you feel duper better (as she places the Monkey in the crook of my arm, tucking both me & the Monkey in)
Me: Thanks Kailee, I 'm feeling better already!
Kailee: Now just close your eyes Mommy & I'll read you my book.
Me: Closing my eyes & listening to her little voice begin to read...(of course she hasn't finished learning how to read yet, but with what she remembers of the story & making up her own version according to the pictures...she tells me the BEST story a 6yr. old can! My heart was being HUGGED a MILLION times over! And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she leans over after finishing her story, thinking that I am asleep.....strokes my head with her little hand, kisses me on the cheek, whispering...."I love you, Mommy...hope you feel better!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So here it is...the honest truth...I've been plum tuckered out to even think about bloggin'. I've recently took on another 3 children. When I agreed to helping out a "family friend" in need....I didn't know quite what I was getting myself into. I assumed, that basically I was only taking on 1 more than what I had, seeing as how my two would be in school most of the day....boy was I wrong!!! Especially seeing as how I ended up with all 5 of them home with me & sick!!! My two girls were a BIG HELP, with the younger 3....especially when it came to Maxx & when they weren't bossing each other around. If it's any indication of what Maxx has to look forward to in his "teen" years....he'll be a "BMOC." My two girls couldn't stop fighting over him...."can I help feed Maxx?", "can I put his shoes on?", "Maxx wants to sit with me!", "NO, he doesn't...he wants to sit with me!!!" etc....& to top it all off, I even had his two sisters vying for his attention!!!! Lawdy me puhleeze!!! I'm starting to think that Big Daddy's not gonna have to worry about coming up with the money for me to get my hair cut, by the time this weeks over, I'm likely to be bald!!!