Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Conversations of 5 yr olds....

Kaitlynd: Sister how many friends do you have in class? I have four.
Kailee: I have lots of friends.
Kaitlynd: What's their names?
Kailee: There's Sonora....Jackson, Frankie, Jackie.....Jackie was my first friend, 'member Mommy?
Me: Uhh huh.....you met her the first day of school.
Kailee: Yeah, that's her.
Kaitlynd: You want to meet my friends, Sister?
Kailee: O'kay, only if you tell them my name, though.
Kaitlynd: I've already told my friends your name. My friend Samantha even gave me a cracker to give to you, but I ate it. (she says giggling)
Kailee: You ate it??? That wasn't very nice Sister.
Kaitlynd: I'm sorry sister.....but I couldn't put it in my lunchbag, because it was wet from my water bottle. (still giggling)
Kailee: What kind of cracker was it?
Kaitlynd: Cheese....it was good!
Kailee: Sister....next time don't eat my cracker....save it for me.
Kaitlynd: Okay Sister.....I won't eat it next time.
Kailee: G'night Sister.....love you.
Kaitlynd: Love you too Sister, G'night.

This was our bedtime conversation lastnight. It's moments like these that make my heart smile!


luvinmy3boyz said...

I guess we know who the social butterfly will be! We really miss you, Pete and the girls!

Rhen said...

Oh My Goodness!!! That is just pure sweetness honey!!

All for His glory, ~Rhen