Monday, July 16, 2007

Chicky Nuggets....

As you can tell I changed the header to my blog! Isn't it a GREAT resemblance!?!?! Just something else new I'm trying my hand at.....photoshop.

Anyway, today the girls started "bridges" (the transitional phase-before school starts). I think it was harder on me, then the two of them. They both were real little troopers, until they were actually seperated & on their way to their own class....then the tears came....theirs & mine both! What is it about seeing someone you care about crying, that makes you join in? I thought, hec, I've already been through this in California, this time will be easy....but then the dreaded day came where they were off to "SEPERATE" classes!!! AAUUUUUGGGHHHH!!! But the day came & went....all was good!

As we were driving home, I sat listening to the two of them share their day with one another....the new friends they met....their teachers.....what they did....etc. It was all I could do to hold back the tears again.....but this time "happy" babies made it through the day, in their own classrooms, with their own teachers, making new friends..... & they SURVIVED!!! How PROUD am I of my two little "Chicky Nuggets?" VERY PROUD!!! Although it does go back to that feeling of....."they're both growing up so fast."


luvinmy3boyz said...

WoW! What a big moment for the girls! I hope they enjoyed their first day and make many new friends! Let them know their old ones miss them bunches!!!