Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Baccccck!!!!

Did y'all miss me?!?!?! I've missed y'all!!! I
I know....I know.....according to my last post I was suppose to do so much better at keeping up with my blog. But damness, what's a chicky to do? Between work, PTO Board, trying to keep up on face book, help the girls with their homework, trying to keep the house in order, the clothes washed & food on the table...I kinda run outta time to post. Anyone with any good ideas, how I can manage my time better....let me know!!! I'm ALL ears to any suggestions you might have.
Both girlies did VERY WELL last quarter in school!!! Miss Kaitlynd was all A's & Miss Kailee was A's & high B's!!! Big Daddy & I, are both proud of the girlies & how well they are doing in school. Now if I can just get them to keep their room clean...LOL
Between them, the dogs, the cat & Big Daddy I sometimes wonder why I even bother!!! LOL

Even though this is a few months old....I just had to share with y'all how cute my great niece is....
I may be a little biased....but she is sooooo... FRIGGIN CUTE!!!! Then again she is related to ME!!! LOL Not to mention my two BEAUTIES!!!
BTW....Miss Kaitlynd had me cut her hair!!! I tried and tried to talk her out of it, but she was adamant about wanting her hair after about 1 1/2 months of her badgering me....*sighs*....I gave in & cut it. It's just at her shoulders & I hafta's very CUTE on her!!! Only thing makes my baby look older....*pouts* As soon as I get Big Daddy in gear, I'll have him download the pics I took of her, so I can share with y'all. Not to worry....Kailee still has her long hair & has NO DESIRE to cut it! Then again....Kailee is my Prima-donna!

Will honestly make a BIG EFFORT to keep up on my blog!!!
Love Y'all!!!