Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bama and the Rain

It's raining (again) here in Mobile....which makes for a lazy day, as you can see by Bama. The sound of the rain however, is being drowned out by his snoring!!! For such a little dog, he sure can make some noise. Just listening to him is making me want to crawl back in bed & take a little siesta, knowing darn well that's an impossibility with what I have going on today. Laundry, lunch with Kailee at the school, laundry, reading to her class, more laundry, taking pictures of each of the kids for end of the year "teacher gift," and then even more laundry, cuz' you hafta fold & put away all that laundry you washed!


Lori said...

Love seeing pics of the animals......WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?????