Monday, February 4, 2008

Fat Tuesday....A Holiday?

Yes it in the South! So that makes for a loooonnnnnggg weekend. Big Daddy & the girls are both off....the girls don't go back to school until Thursday, Big Daddy back to work on Wednesday. So seeing as how Mardi Gras is the thing to do, we thought we might check it out this year....seeing as how Big Daddy's bosses are VERY INVOLVED! Saturday was the MOT Pararde (Mystics of Time), which is just one of the many that go on during this time, but we decided that this would be a good one to see since this was one of his bosses parades. I was actually pleasantly surprised. You hear so much negative about Mardi Gras, that I really didn't know what to expect. We were located towards the end of the parade route, so other than it taking awhile for us to actually see the parade....ALL was a GOOD TIME!!! Being that it was our FIRST MARDI GRAS ever, we were inexperienced & in desperate need of "what to do?" Fortunately the folks around us were GREAT in showing us the ropes! Once we got the hang of it we were just like everyone else there.....getting caught up in the moment. The girls walked away with beads galore, moonpies, & stuffed animals!!! Kailee really got caught up in it all.....she was waving & smiling to the maskers, which helped in the cause of them getting "treats." Big Daddy & I said we'll go again next year, but we're going in with a plan!!! Anyway we as a family had a great time at Mardi Gras!!!!


Lori said...

That is so awesome.... I would like to see pics of the girls at the parade.