Friday, January 18, 2008

Heart Hugs

The adventures in babysitting have come to an end!!! WOOHOO!!! Having to take care of someone else's children can give you a whole new APPRECIATION for your own!!! As much as I get frustrated at my two & want to wring their sweet little necks at times....I learned these past two weeks just how much I REALLY do LOVE THEM & learned to APPRECIATE them for the "Little People" that they are!!! Not too mention how they can "hug your heart" just when you need it most!!! Lastnight I was laying in bed feeling crappy with the cold from hell....when I feel this little hand touching my forehead & cheeks, slowly I open my eyes to see Kailee standing there looking at me...she whispers,
"Mommy...mommy, are you not feeling good?" I smile & tell her,
" that I am feeling a little icky, but mostly I'm just tired."
She precedes to feel my face again....checking for fever...
Kailee: You're not hot Mommy, but you might have low fever like me.
Me: I just might
Kailee: Want me to read you a story, Mommy?" It might make you feel better.
Me: If you want to
She runs off out of the room for a few minutes, only to return with a book & her stuffed Monkey. Crawling up into bed next to me, she hands me her Monkey....
Kailee: You can sleep with my Monkey tonight, Mommy....he'll make you feel duper better (as she places the Monkey in the crook of my arm, tucking both me & the Monkey in)
Me: Thanks Kailee, I 'm feeling better already!
Kailee: Now just close your eyes Mommy & I'll read you my book.
Me: Closing my eyes & listening to her little voice begin to read...(of course she hasn't finished learning how to read yet, but with what she remembers of the story & making up her own version according to the pictures...she tells me the BEST story a 6yr. old can! My heart was being HUGGED a MILLION times over! And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she leans over after finishing her story, thinking that I am asleep.....strokes my head with her little hand, kisses me on the cheek, whispering...."I love you, Mommy...hope you feel better!"