Friday, November 16, 2007

Loose Tooth & Life Lessons....

Well it's finally happened....we have our first loose tooth! This morning Kaitlynd came to me saying that her "teeth hurt." Sure enough, I looked & saw that she has a loose tooth & one coming in right behind it. As I was explaining to her that she was losing a tooth, she began to cry. I asked her, "why are you crying?" She said, "Because I'm gonna lose my tooth!" Once I calmed her down & explained to her that even though she was losing a tooth, that another one was coming in to take it's place & that she wasn't going to have teeth like Grandpa....she felt better. Big Daddy also explained about the tooth fairy which seemed to excite her.
After we reached Big Daddy's place of employment to drop him off for the day, the conversation continued & went a little something like this......

Kaitlynd: Mommy, I'm 'cited about losing my tooth!
Kailee: I'm NOT! I don't have one!!!
Me: Kailee, it will happen
Kailee: No it won't!
Me: Yes it will Honey. Your sister just happens to be losing her tooth first.
Kailee: She always goes first!
Me: Not walked before your sister, when you were a baby.
Kailee: I walk like a baby?!
Me: Nooo....when you were learning to walk, you walked first. You learned before Kaitlynd.
Kaitlynd: Yeah, when I was a baby, (pointing to her knees) I moved on these.
Me: Yes, you still crawled when your sister was walking.
Kailee: I walked before sister?
Me: Yes....people do things at different times...your sister is losing her tooth first, you walked first....who knows, you may even get your boobies before sister.
Kailee: I'm gonna have boobies?!
Kaitlynd: Yeah, when your a Big Girl.
Me: Yes, Honey, it's part of growing up & being a girl. I have boobies.
Kailee: But your a Mommy.
Me: Yes, but I got boobies when I was a little girl....about the age of your friends...Laura & Erica. Kaitlynd: They don't have big boobies....
Kailee: They don't have boobies....they have titties!!!

The conversation ended after that, because I was laughing so hard!


Lori said...

That is so funny!!!! I miss them :( and you too :)

Give the girls a BIG HUG and KISS please. I know I am behind on birthdays..... can you give me the dates please.


Danielle said...

Hi Southern Fried. I'm with you in the deep fryer of the south. And this story reminded me of a conversation with my daughter about wanting to buy her big girl boobies at WalMart. Gotta' love the things that come out of the mouths of babes.