Monday, July 2, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know.....

My friend Monique sent me these questions to I thought I'd share the answers with all of you, so you could possibly get a little more insight to exactly "Who is Southern Fried Chicky?" As you read the questions....think of how you might answer them & let me know!!!

My favorite perfume : Happy by Clinque
My favorite restaurants are: The LoneStar & Two Guys (in California)
I like clothes from: Cato Fashions & anywhere I might find them that fit!!! LOL
Little things that make me happy: My daughters laughing & good friends.
My favorite color or colors are: Yellow & Green
Red wine or white wine: Spicy Bloody Marys
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate: I don't discriminate...chocolate is a close personal friend of mine!!!
Popcorn or potato chips: Funyuns
Silver or gold jewelry: Diamonds....might like to have some more, some day!!! BIG ONES!
R&B or Oldies: Soft Jazz
Love stories or dramas: My twins are enough I'm thinking comedies
PJ's or nightgowns: nightgowns
Books or magazines: both
Shopping or catalog shopping: Who has money for shopping???
Weekend getaways or quiet weekends at home: If I coule have either one it would be a miracle
Spring, summer, fall or winter: Love the fall
Name I would pick other than my own: Kinda like my name, but maybe Penelope....LOL
Things you don't know about me: That's Classified Information

Thought for the day... "I live in my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here. "


Domestic Chicky said...

Ooh! You need to start a "100 things"...I need to do mine too...